We’re back!!  Having a hosted site didn’t do jack for getting the word out, so I am reverting to the wordpress.com mode.

Thanks for your interest! Steve

Welcome all, and thanks for visiting our site!!  This has to be a collaborative effort, involving many concerned Portlanders, thus my use of the word “our”.

We are not starting at Square #1, thanks to the strong anti-demo/development community that has grown out of prior and ongoing activism.

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Portland Chronicle produced this brilliant, but sad 4 minute video…

And…for a little pick-me-up after that downer of a clip, Portland’s very own “White Glove”…not once, but twice!!

This site is intended to complement local activist efforts in the fight against Portland’s out-of-control Demolition-Development.  I am looking to develop the site as a comprehensive resource-base for people who are fighting to preserve the affordable single-family homes that are being demolished at an unprecedented rate, and replaced with towering monster-homes that cost several hundred-thousand dollars more.

I hope to collaborate with neighborhood associations and residents, researchers, lawyers, and other insiders  to make this site a valuable resource.  If you feel you would like to contribute some time to this effort, please contact me by email, and we’ll go from there.




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  1. teresa mcgrath

    demo slated for 3037 se pine friday 8-7-15…protest being organized with media, hopefully..thx